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Generic update #1998564

Yesterday I took the dog for a walk. From my house down to 43rd, over to Lake Harriet and back home. 75 minutes, and solidly moving the entire time. It's my version of an aerobic workout, at my level of competence. Hey, I didn't fall down. And I made the dog happy.

Filmmaking stuff:
Looking back on the first half of the year is quite amazing for me. Suddenly I realize that I've worked on

  • two short films

  • one feature film

  • an entire season of a TV show

  • one commercial

and there is more to come. Several more commercials, another feature, possibly another season of the show, and likely another short film.

You know, it's a lot.

And there has been a discussion that has come up on another list about one of the films. One of the guys on the list saw the rough cut and had some comments. The creator responded with a number of points, including one remark about "Haven't you read the FAQ?"

Which brings me to the point:

There is no FAQ in a movie.

When the audience sees a movie, you can't assume that they know and understand the world that you've created. If you play to stereotypes, you can probably make some level of assumptions, but if you play against them, you can be sure that there will be some confusion or surprise.

Case in point: vampires. There is a lot of stereotypical lore about vampires. Probably the most popular among the geek crowd is the Buffy/Angel vampire. If you make a movie about vampires, and your vampires differ significantly from the norm, you have to either show it or explain it or else it doesn't exist.


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