Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Rite of passage

Note to self: Next year, do not plan Trail of Terror on high school field trip night.

Seventeen busloads of high school kids. Dearest Darling Sasha couldn't make it, but Tony & Kristi & Kate came, so we decided to hit the haywagon ride first.

The line was an hour long-- saw michaellee and frozendragon briefly. We finally made it, and got on the ride, which proved to be too much for kate, who grabbed on to Tony and buried herself in his... well, pretty much his entire left side.

We decided to hit the big tent for a break. They decided that it was too much and went home, leaving me alone and friendless in the huge mash of people. By that time the lines for both the hayride and the haunted house were so long that they actually overlapped.

I got in line for the haunted house. As it turns out, I was right behind a group of girls from the Edina high school diving team.

The line was an hour and a half. I got to know the girls a little bit. Margaret was the scared one-- about 14 years old, and with the tendency to pee.

Okay, confession: I love going through haunted houses with teenage girls. They scream and huddle and run, and they're just a joy to watch, particularly at the end when the adrenaline hits.

Margaret had never been in a haunted house before. She was afraid of everything. Scary clowns, werewolf masks, scary giraffe... by the time we got to the front door, she was nearly in tears.

sybildiscontent walked by. I said hi, and she came over to chat briefly. And the girl was on. Of course, she saw poor Margaret, and was a bit torn between wanting to play with the fresh meat and feeling sorry for her. I promised to keep an eye on them, and we went in.

It was everything I had hoped. The girls were scared by pretty much everything that they were supposed to be scared by, and a little more. And we made it through to the end, and the girls were all excited, and we all high-fived Margaret and congratulated her for making it through.

And I turned to her and said "and now you're addicted".

Her eyes got really wide.

"Can we go again? Please?" She was pleading with the rest of the girls as I walked away.

Ah, yes. Corruptor of youth am I.

Then there is the notice that my body gives me that the standing in lines for hours on end is not in the contract bub, and you will pay dearly.

BTW, sybildiscontent rocks.

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