Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Today I feel like I've been beaten by three-foot-tall midgets with two-inch fangs.

My blood glucose level shot through the roof last night-- I was over 245 mg/dl when I got home from the Scrimshaw show-- which makes for a very unhappy marmot. Thing is, there was no good reason for the spike, and it was the biggest spike I've ever seen. Happily it is coming down, but only gradually. And it means that today I feel like I've been beaten and my hands stepped on repeatedly by jackbooted thugs.

And I'll stop now because I know I'm turning you on.

I finally contacted a lawyer about the house title thing. The title company has finally admitted that they have lost the file completely and have no idea where it is, but are couching it in terms that they were "doing me a favor" by looking. They've offered to recreate the file if I send them copies of all the paperwork. It's unbelievable.

So yeah, I need to get back into a regular exercise program. And knowing me, that means setting up a reasonably accessible place in the house. I have the exercise bike, and if I set it up so that I can have the TV on, I know I will actually use it on a regular basis. I'd also like to get something for strength training so that I can build and maintain muscle tone while going through this ugly period of liqui-food.

A couple of problems though:

1.) I'm out of rooms. I could conceivably convert the dining room into an exercise room since I don't really need it for eating.

2.) I need to set something up for strength training as well-- a set of weights and a bench, or a Bowflex, or something similar. I really need to do some ass sculpting, and that's not horribly easy.

3.) Being as my blood glucode is high, I have no energy to be working out. I know this gets better as I lose more weight, but right now I have difficulty just standing and I really want to just sleep.

4.) The pain. One of the nastier side effects of diabetes is pain. It's mostly joint pain, or deep muscle pain, like an overall ache. Everywhere. You know my love of hot tubs? Yeah.

5.) The new medication has an additional side effect of increasing my appetite. Yeah, just what I fucking need right now.

6.) time. Much better after tonight.

Okay, there's nothing in that list that's insurmountable. I just feel like being bitchy. And it's helping me to organize what I need to do for some of this stuff.

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