Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

name: Rob
online monkiers: magicmarmot, lord_hedon, ubergeek
age: 41
birthdate: 04/28/62
location: Minneapolis (currently)
eye color: green/blue
hair color: brown/gray
body modifications: Some unintentional scars
love?: perhaps.
family: Mom, in Bemidji. Sister in Fla, Sister in Az. Various cousins, nephews, etc.
pets: Dog Sadie, German Shep mix, my baby. Cats (3): Poose, Micha (the Dark Master), and Dorky.
job: Currently contract engineer in Owa-fucking-tonna.
dream job: Filmmaker (paid filmmaker, thank you); Margarita tester.
favorite color: Deep blue
favorite sound: music, the ocean or deep forest
least favorite sound: alarms
favorite movies: Tough call-- mostly indies. Bladerunner. Day of the Dead. Return of the Living Dead. Eraserhead.
favorite books: Neuromancer,
favorite music: Currently film soundtracks. Morphine, DJ Shadow, Linkin Park, Jeff Greinke
TV: Was Buffy. The Simpsons, Angel. Sopranos, Cowboy Bebop, Six Feet Under.
favorite foods: Asian chicken pizza
favorite curse words: fuck-all, shitburgers.
little-known fact: I took ballet in college.

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