Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

4:00 on a weekday

Attention span of a... what was I saying? Ooh, shiny. Hey I wonder what this tastes like. Ice is cold! Do I have to pee? Damn cup. Wonder if it's gonna rain. 'R' is a weird letter. So is 'X', but it's cooler. I wonder if this pencil will fit in my nose? Nope, not all the way. Hey, is that blood? Oooo, dizzy. Why am I looking at the ceiling? Am I wearing pants? I wonder if chicken is good mashed. Hey, potatoes! Granular equivalence. Mushrooms don't taste like chicken. Am I hungry? Wow, don't stand up too fast. They just shouldn't let me make coffee. Shake gently, serve chilled. Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear. Push down & turn. I wish I had a door. Man, this is an uncomfortable chair. Walnuts? I need to get gas. I wonder if the spray foam is too cold. Self-leveling cement. I don't need the holes to go that deep. Heh, deep holes. Sprinkler system? Nah. "Permanent" marker my ass. Oops.

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