Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I am no longer Professor Jennings. I am... someone else.

Well, it's pretty obvious to me that I am not a mason by any means. My concrete work isn't exactly smooth, though it will be hidden by the lovely lumber that will make up the walls of my beautiful prison porch once it's done.

What I should probably do is to add a layer of something like a vinyl patch, or an epoxy or a urethane coating to provide a nice level surface, but I don't know that it's necessary. I might do it this weekend since it looks to be warm.

Plans tonight. Involving a lot of relaxing and good company. I'm so looking forward to just being low-key after this last week that I can almost taste it. I think it tastes a bit like chocolate.

That's a Slim-Fast joke for those of you who may have missed it.

I'm actually starting to like the shakes. They actually do have appetite supressant qualities that I am surprised about. I've also added a whey protien suppliment, which I mix with the shake. It adds about 20g more protein and about 50 cal. to the mix, but I really want to avoid that whole body-eating-muscle-tissue thing that can happen if one is not careful.

Oddly, I just realized that I haven't had meat in two days. Being primarily carnivore, that surprises me. The closest I've come is chicken broth.

I do have fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. Last night I made a salad of lettuce, bell peppers, and broccoli, and made a dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. But it's weird that I kind of have to think about eating real solid food.

I do notice that I feel better. I took Sadie for a walk last night, which she absolutely loved. I've taken to calling the sniff-and-pee thing reading pee-mail, which may only make sense if you have a dog. She has taken quite a liking to the backyard prairie restoration project since the bunnies moved in, and she's actively seeking out bunnies in the tall grass all the time. She never actually finds them-- they're far too quick for her-- but that is no deterrent. Bunnies are even more fun than squirrels!

The bike calls to me, but not quite yet. I'm still working on building the energy and the not-being-dizzy part before I can really take part in the workout that I want, but it's getting there. I still need the space, which means devolving the dining room table (and what the hell happened to my new chandelier that I bought?) and moving the filmmaking equipment to *somewhere*.

I've a feeling that this weekend will involve some exterior cleanup after the concrete work. I have a lot of empty bags and broken bits of brick to clean up.

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