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Do androids dream of electric sleep?

I am tired.

Last night was a late one for me, after crawling around on the ladder and taking a shower, it was 9:30 before dinner, and a good solid 11:30 before I made it to bed. And it was so freakin' hot that I didn't sleep well, and I woke up this morning with a migrane-class headache that is not going away.
Getting up this morning was tough. I almost fell asleep in the bathroom, dreaming about sleeping. It does not bode well for the week that my sleep buffer is already empty and it's only tuesday.

Tonight I have plans to see May with cajones and possibly chebutykin at the new Block E theater. Should be fun, although I generally dislike downtown venues because of the parking.
I've been pretty lax in movie-watching lately. Went and saw X2 recently, before that I think the last movie I saw in the theater was Spiderman. Still haven't seen Matrix Reloaded or Finding Nemo. I am such a cine-slacker!

Well, okay, part of that is because of DVDs. You know, I'm very okay waiting for a lot of movies to come out on DVD, because the experience of watching a movie at home is in many cases better than seeing it in the theater. There are rare exceptions: the LOTR movies are well worth seeing on the big screen, as are a few others. But in general the "theater experience" is highly overrated. And as HD becomes more prevalent, the big-screen advantage of the theaters will disappear entirely, because you will be able to see huge vivid images in your home theater, and not be bothered by idiots who talk, cell phones, sticky floors, uncomfortable seating, five-dollar popcorn, and bathrooms from hell. I'd guess that within 10-15 years, movie theaters as we know them will cease to exist unless they come up with something to provide that you can't get at home.
I mean consider how much it costs to go see a first-run movie these days. A couple will easily spend $15 on tickets alone, and perhaps another $10 on snacks. Wait a few months and you can buy the DVD for the same price, get a lot of extras, and watch it whenever you feel like it. And you know theater prices aren't going down. Theaters make their money on snack food, not on the film. And as more and more stuff gets released electronically, theaters will have to upgrade their projection systems to handle it, which is gonna be spendy.

This is definitely not the time to be buying a first-run theater.

In other news... well, there really is no other news. I have gutters to clean, which is actually a good thing, because it means most of the hard work is done.

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