Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Just thinking about spirituality and religion, and labels associated with the bits and bobs therein. I normally hate labels, because they are too defining and put me into a little box, and I don't like being put into little boxes. I tend to ooze out.

While I was in college after my divorce, I did a pretty in-depth study of comparative religions. The one overwhelming continuity that I found was that while the ideals of most religions are noble, the practice of them tends to become tainted with human weakness.

I did a sort of pagan thing for a while, and I suppose that if I had to identify with any devotion, it would probably be a more naturist-oriented than anything. I don't identify with Wicca specifically, more because I never bothered to learn the deeper structure and identify with a group. I also identify partially with the agnostic, which is a kind of parlance for undecided.

But I really think I've found my niche:


Meaning that I don't know much, and I just make up the rest.


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