Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Yeah, so there was more sleeping in today. I am up before noon, so bite me.

Weirdness in dreams last night. I was eating people in order to become them so that I could fix the darkness that was within them. Women tasted soapy. I'm not even gonna try and analyze that one.

I've lost myself, I think. My ability to see within me and understand my motivations for things. I'm feeling hidden from myself, and I wonder if that means I'm ignoring my inner voice-- the one that usually keeps me out of trouble. I know enough at this point to be cautious.

"In the animal kingdom, the rule is, eat or be eaten; in the human kingdom, define or be defined," wrote psychiatrist Thomas Szasz. This is always true, but it's especially apropos for you Tauruses right now. You have arrived at a three-way fork in the road, and which way you go will have a big impact on your future capacity to exercise your free will. To make the best choice, you've got to have maximum power to define yourself. Don't let anyone, whether it's an enemy or a loved one or a so-called expert, take charge of determining the contours of your identity.

It's time to get out your photo albums, scrapbooks and memorabilia, pore over it, and toss whatever you've been holding onto that doesn't hold any pleasant memories for you. Think of it as an emotional clearance sale.

Don't fly these unfriendly skies. Stay home and keep a low profile. Take pains to avoid arguments or confrontations with others and put off signing important documents or business deals.

Weak, transient effect: This influence makes you very sensitive to other people's moods, and if you are at all psychic you will be more sensitive in this regard as well. But with this sensitivity, you have to be careful about the people you are with. On the other hand, it is good to be with friends whom you are devoted to. This quality of time can signify selflessness and genuinely caring for others without regard for your own needs, and this is not done in a martyred spirit. You feel great sympathy and compassion for those who are in need, and are willing to help either personally or through working with a charitable group. This influence may also arouse your daydreaming tendencies. Today during the day you may wish to be by yourself and retire into your own private inner world, or you may wish to talk about your daydreams with friends.

SEDUCING TAUREAN MEN: With Taurean men you mustn't be in a hurry or over-hasty. In fact, Taureans need a long time to understand if they have finally found the right woman. The secret to win their love is being first a good friend. If you invite him for dinner, remember that he likes eating and prepare abundant helpings.
TIP: at your first date use romantic music and lights.

I think it's a low-key day today.


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