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Nov. 6th, 2005

Man, I'm cranky.

Went to Tony & Kristi's tonight and had a wonderful time. Almost became ruler of the known world but for an ironic twist of fate, then watched a Star Wars III extra on the ungodly amount of people that worked on a 43 second piece of the film (something like 70,000 man-hours). I nearly peed with the alienness of it all. Watched a tour of the coolest garage studio ever (Robert Rodriguez) and had deeply lustful thoughts over equipment and buildings, and finally stepped down to some extras on a million-dollar budget movie to cleanse the palate.

Seriously, watching Lucas make a film is like watching some sort of alien creature masturbate while a bunch of other alien creatures look on and applaud.

OTOH, Rodriguez I can envy. I get what he does. I understand every piece of equipment he has in his "garage", and I get why he has it set up like he does. Had I the money, I would do things much the same. Of course, that there is also a big-ass soundstage out in Austin where he can shoot stuff makes a huge difference as well.

That, and I don't even have a garage.

So okay, I'm on a much smaller budget. Like none. None is much smaller than some. We're shooting stuff at the level of a Tempe Entertainment or a Shock-O-Rama or The Asylum, but at perhaps a tenth of their budgets or less. And their budgets are *tiny*.

Of course, when you look at what they have to offer (cough boobs cough), it's pretty obvious that we're not even in the same league.

Discouraged, yes.

I do need to ressurect the studio space, and move the equipment to a new room. Set up in a better way for what needs to be done.


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