Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Oh my yes, I am feeling full of piss and vinegar today. And I will make a wager that I am likely going to offend at least one person before the day is out.

So to you, I shall say "Suck it up". I'm one of the least offensive people on the freaking planet, and if you're gonna get yer undies in a bunch over something I say, you'd best be looking in your own backyard for what makes you so sensitive.

Here's the skinny: I have enough crap happening in my life right now to worry about whether you find something that I say "offensive". I'm much more along the lines of Family Guy and South Park than I am Prairie Home Companion.

Yes, I'm being cranky. I'm on a buttload of different medications since my last visit to the doctor. I'm trying to lose weight on a diet where I feel guilty if I eat an apple. I go to an opthalmology appointment this week where I start to find out if I have permanent retinal damage. And that's just on top of the normal stress.

So yeah, I'm a little cranky.

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