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So far I've managed to "eat" 2 shakes, 3 cups of broth, and an apple. Even if I count an apple as 50 calories, I'm still under 500 so far for the day, with a goal of 800 max.

One shake is 180 cal.
Broth is 10.

I don't count the fiber capsules, since they are purely soluble and non-dietary fiber. Likewise I don't count the vitamin suppliments.

Thing is, I don't think I can hit the 800 mark. I'm up to 440 cal, and if I only have 2 more shakes, that drops me squarely at 800.

The other thing I need to do is start riding the bike again. When I was in the Gulag, I was regularly burning 350 cal in a half-hour-ish time frame. I'd need to work back up to that, but aside from the increased metabolism, that would squarely drop my effective caloric intake significantly, along with the increased muscle tone and such.

Perhaps post-Omegacon. I'm reserving the weekend for debauchery to some degree, and I don't want to be fettered... though I will probably bring the shakes along just in case the guilt gets the better of me.

Then of course there's thanksgiving. In a way I'm kinda lucky in that I'm not in a family way, since I can basically ignore the whole turkey-potatoes-stuffing-eat-until-you-can't-move aspect of the holiday and just use the days off. Except that I really like roast turkey, and the smell of the bird cooking in the oven is something that just the memory of can make me start drooling.

Well, what I might do is get some turkey breasts and marinade them, and cook 'em in the oven, slice 'em up, then have small amounts as treats.

Of course, just thinking about this has my stomach gurgling like a drowning whore.

I'm trying. But I could really go for a big-ass burger with swiss cheese and mushrooms right about now.

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