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Last night's festivities

A planned outing with cajones and chebutykin over to Block E to see May. Got to cajones's place about 6:15 or so, and the oh-so-sexy Monte was there too. Unfortunately he wasn't able to go with us, and called me a party pooper. Such as I am, but I wasn't up for trying to do a 9:15 showing of the movie.

Impressions of Block E:
It's pretty in a highly commercialized way. Not soulless exactly, but more like a movie star: all the glamour is painted on by professionals and perfectly lit, and it's all artificial. It's not really my thing-- I'd rather have real beauty that's slightly flawed.

The Crown Theater is freaking huge. It's like a mall of theaters. The theater itself was pretty nice, with seating that had flip-up arms. There were maybe a total of ten people in the theater, so there was plenty of room.

Impressions of May:
Definitely an indie film. I loved that part of it. And it was well executed, and amazingly so for a first-time director. I can see where joe average may not like it (the car chases/explosions/tits crowd), but it is a wonderful little character piece. Just a word: if you want to go see this movie, don't read anything about it beforehand. Otherwise the giant flesh-eating bunny will be no surprise.

Dinner afterwards at Chevy's. Tasty food, and some fun conversation about creativity and visualization, and I was inspired and happy to be in such good company. A nice evening all around, though much too late for the early-morning boy I've become.

Unfortunately it was way too hot last night, and I had trouble falling asleep, which lent itself to my 10:00 A.M. wake-up instead of the normal 5:00. So, late to work today, but much more rested than usual, and in unusually high spirits.

Today is likely to be filled with much uncreative drudge-work, but my mind is spinning with filmmaking ideas and a big, big desire to get cracking on a feature. I know I need to do more in the way of short films to get a better handle on some additional aspects of filmmaking (I surely need more experience with directing actors), but I'm pretty happy with my technical skills (lighting, composition, sound). Patience, my ass.

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