Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Having a hard time describing my mood-itude.

Closest that I can come would be intellectually horny. It's sort of like sex-play is on my mind, and I really want to be spending some serious quality horizontality with my babe of choice, but my body isn't playing along.

I suppose it's got a lot to do with the whole diet thing. The physical body is shutting down extracurricular activity in order to try and conserve energy, but the mind and body aren't in sync.

I'm feeling like I want to be seduced, rather than to be the seducer. I suppose everyone wants that from time to time, and it's not really anything new. It's just a bit more urgent in my mind than it has been for quite a while, and I've got no freaking clue as to why. I can hazard a guess or two, most likely having to do with finally finishing a couple of big projects that have been rather stress-inducing, but it's not really usual for me to become sort of whole-hog hornified except on a pretty transient basis.

It's awfully damn unfair. Omegacon this weekend, and I'm about as separate from seduction as I can be. The relaxing aspect of it is nice, and I'm looking very forward to the whole experience, but I still have this nagging little marsupial in the back of my brain that wants to be tied down and taken.

Ah, I duuno, maybe by the weekend I'll be back to normal.

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