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This morning I fell asleep in the shower.

Not that I'm tired or anything. Yesterday I spent a little over three hours on the ladder cleaning and repairing the gutters. I think they are the original gutters from 1922, so they are definitely in need of some repair, but I'm trying to salvage them. Not so much for historical value as the cost of replacing the gutters, seeing as we're looking at a major roof overhaul soon, and they'll most likely get replaced then. In the meantime, it involves scooping out the leaves and debris, brushing out the remaining dirt and rust, wire brushing the inside and outside, repairing holes with epoxy, clearing the downspouts, repainting, putting on a wire mesh, and adding a metal flashing debris shield. About 5 hours for 15 feet of gutter. And I've got around 50 feet total.
It's gonna get ugly.
Part of the ugliness is the way I have to stand on the ladder. I have a brace on it that holds it out from the wall about 10 inches or so. However, the soffits are 12 inches, and another four for the gutters, and I'm having to lean slightly backwards to do the work. 'Taint comfy atall.

So last night I finally got out of the shower at around 9:30 and had a dinner of leftover greek food (yumsters!) and went to bed. Maybe 10:30.

And then the dreams came.

Recurring dream, or rather a recurring location in the dream. Third night in the last week or so, the location is somewhere in St. Paul. It's a series of rooftops all crowded together so as to make one long mazelike structure, with a bunch of low-rent apartments all attached. Lots of minority housing. Not squalor, but a lot of the debris of life: lawn chairs, a tricycle, old outdoor furniture. It's definitely a closed community, and outsiders are not made welcome, and not trusted.

My goal is one of the last apartments. In the first dream, I was introduced to the lady that lives there. The entrance into her apartment is a window, but this is apparently somewhat usual, like this is the proper way to come in when you're a member of the community. I am some sort of secret operative or something, because this is all clandestine and hush-hush. She is helping the cause, but does not entirely trust me.

In this dream, I am alone, and I need to get somewhere for a meeting. I am pushing an old office chair through the maze of buildings, to finally get to her window. Other folks are watching me warily.

When I get to her window, I don't know if she's there, but I ring her bell. Eventually, she comes out of the back hallway and sees me, and lets me in. There are other people in her apartment, and apparently she's just had her hair done, or is at least in the process. It looks nice, and I tell her so; she seems to appreciate the compliment. I notice small chunks of hair on the floor that look like they are leftovers from a haircut.

Somehow I end up alone with her, and I let her know I'm supposed to meet someone, but I don't know who or where. Suddenly it comes to me that I'm supposed to be at the Xcel Energy Center, and she looks at me like this is information that she didn't need to provide. She gives me directions, and I'm gone.

Later, I am at the Xcel, and one of my friends is supposed to be bodyguarding Jimmy Page. Unfortunately, a group of old women has broken through and are mobbing him, or at least trying to-- he's really fast, and can outrun most of them. His running is making the bodyguard's job difficult though. And I have a different purpose there, though I am not sure what.

Then my alarm goes off.

So as I'm taking a shower, I'm trying to recall the dream, and I fall asleep in the shower, standing up. Woke up when the dog barked because Val came downstairs to shower.

So themes:
Recurring dream (or at least the recurring setting) I believe has some import.
The feeling like I have a mission but I am not clear on the details.
The mazelike structure with a definite goal.
The clandestine feel.
The closed community, and that I am almost accepted as an insider.

Pushing the office chair may indicate that part of it is work related. The mazelike structure could be the code I'm wading through trying to figure out what goes where. I just hate to write this off as a work-anxiety dream, because that doesn't feel right. It feels bigger, and not so much anxiety.

Ah, well, stuff to ponder.

Today I am very body-unaware. I'm walking into stuff left and right, bouncing off of walls and generally being clumsy.

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