Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Weigh-in this morning had me up 1.5 lbs. from yesterday. I know that we're talking noise level here, but it was still disappointing. That's a net gain over three days.

Last night I made chili and had a small bowl. There was enough left over for probably two more bowlsful, but this morning I gave it to Sadie. She was very happy.

Gonna try to stick to the shakes for a bit and see where it goes.

And yes, I know-- exercise. Working on that. It would be easier if I could work something else into the time that it takes, like maybe watching a movie, or playing a videogame. Or sex. DDR kind of fits that category, but my knees aren't exactly cooperating with me on that idea. I could set up the TV and DVD player so I could ride the bike while watching a movie or an episode of something, which seems like the best plan so far.

While I was in the Gulag, there was a gym in the apartment complex. I alternated between riding the bike and doing weight training, which I actually managed to do in an aerobic sense. The convenience was fabulous, and I worked out regularly. And it made a difference.

So I know that convenience is huge for me. And if I actually have the space set up and the equipment to use, I will use it. If I have to drive there, I won't go.

So I have the bike already. Which is fine as far as it goes. But I really want to add some weight training to the regimen. I've been looking at a home gym machine (yes Rick, I know you like free weights) and I've even found a couple that are reasonably sized with a lot of the features I liked on the machines in the Gulag. The two that I'm missing though are the crunch machine and the thigh abductor/adductor machine.

Crunches I can do. The nice thing about the machine was that it was convertible to crunches and back presses, and it allowed extra weight-- nothing like doing sets of 100 crunches with 200 lbs additional to make those abs pucker.

The abductor/adductor though, that's a tough one. I suppose I could break out the welder and make one.

Heh. I bet you knew I was gonna say that.

It means turning the dining room into the exercise room. It's not that big a step really-- the dining room is currently not really being used except as storage anyway-- but it means finding a place for some of the stuff that's currently there, mainly the filmmaking equipment. That really needs to stay on the main floor, otherwise it's a HUGE pain in the ass to move it up/down the stairs.

First step is cleaning out space in the basement. That's actually not horrible, it's just tedious. There is a lot of empty box stuff and some crap that can be thrown out, but it does need some sorting.

I can move a lot of the stuff from the dining room to the One Room in the basement. Some of it is Barb's stuff, some of it is mine. Lots of books, most of which can probably go away to some needy physics student-- I can't see where I would be needing my old calculus textbooks any time soon-- as well as some Halloween stuff that can go into storage.

The storage shed needs to be cleaned out and reorganized. I'm thinking of cutting up the styrofoam sheets and putting them in the windows this winter for added insulation. It won't do much for light coming in, but it should save on heat.

The Room Where No One Walks has currently taken the brunt of my return from the Gulag, and it needs a good sorting. A lot of clothes, a lot of books, a lot of I'm-not-exactly-sure-what. It's the room that I would prefer to put the filmmaking stuff in, at least for the time being. Which means it has to be cleaned out first.

Living room currently doesn't have a lot of living going on in it. A lot of stuff left over after the yard sale this summer, plus some other stuff, not entirely sure what, from Barb's going through stuff.

In general, a lot of *stuff*.

Sounds like a broken record.

Tonight is off-limits. I have plans that involve some hot tubbing and a couple of friends. Tomorrow sometime, maybe a venture out to see Hairy Potter the Gobbler of Fire, probably some cleaning and sorting and hopefully throwing away. Sunday during the day at least, maybe more of the same.

And maybe, just maybe, I can make this work.

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