Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Religion Definition
are you mono or polytheistic?Not very theistic at all, though I was indoctrinated mono.
do you subscribe to a major religion?No, I let my subscription expire and haven't renewed.
how do you feel about Jesus?Remarkable what he (they) did at the time.
what holy book do you feel is most accurate (Bible, Koran, etc)Probably the phone book. Assigning a trait of accuracy to a holy book is like assigning a trait of flavor to paint.
do you believe in reincarnation?Not in the direct sense, no.
do you believe in the traditional heaven and hell?Not a whit.
do you believe in ANY heaven and/or hell?I'm much more a humanist, that what heaven or hell we have, we make here and now.
do you think the god(s) are vengeful or nice?If I have to assign anthropomorphic qualities, I'd say ambivalent.
do you believe in angels?Not in the traditional sense. They make for great metaphor.
do you believe in miracles?I'm interested but skeptical.
do you believe in predestination?Not really. At least not in the local sense.
do you believe in original sin?No. It was invented as a way to control people.
do you believe in freedom of will?Yes.
do you believe in souls?Not in the traditional sense.
what do you think will happen to you when you die?I think it won't matter.
do you think there will be an armageddon?No.
why do you think we exist?Because of the evidence.
do you believe in life on other planets?I believe that it is possible and even likely.
do you believe in evolution?Yes.
do you think religion and science will always oppose the other?I don't think they are in opposition. I think that certain people oppose each other's viewpoints.
what would you say to God if you met him/her/them today?Oh, shit.
anything else we should know?Yes.


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