Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I get to go see the doctor again today. Oh, yay.

This is the post-panic checkup to see how I am doing with the new medication. Good results overall I suppose, but I'll see what the doc thinks.

I'm also planning to ask about getting the boys snipped. I've been considering a vasectomy for a while now, since I really don't feel like spreading my DNA any further into the cesspool of genes that are out there.

Honestly, it's not really an issue. I'm not exactly sexually active, though I would like to hope that isn't a long-term thing. But that kinda seems like the ideal time to get it done, you know? It won't be getting in the way. But I have no urge to become a papa, especially at my age, and I really like the concept of going bareback without worry.

Yes, I'm aware of STDs. Different set of worries. I don't exactly have multiple partners, unless you count multiples of zero, and the likelihood that I will be pronking uncovered with someone who is unclean is pretty minimal.

I guess I'm not expecting that to change in the near future, hopes and wishes aside.

Maybe I should get a scrotal tattoo while I'm at it. Okay, maybe that is just a really bad idea. Besides, what could you put there that would be meaningful, except maybe instructions?

I know this girl who has the word "screamer" tattooed on her upper inner thigh. How I came to know this is another story entirely, but it is her way of letting the initiated know that she is... uninhibited... about certain things. Its kind of clever, because if you don't have an invitation, you'd never know, but if you do, you can know that you're in for a wild ride.

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