Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

This is about the hardest part of the day. I'm really freaking hungry, but I don't actually want to eat anything for the want of screwing up my next blood glucose reading.


If I nibble on something healthy, I'll have to wait two hours before the next read. That's pushing 6:00, which might actually work if I walk the dog right after I get home.

One of the difficult things about diabetes is that it imposes a structure on you. For instance, I take BG readings three times a day: waking, pre-dinner, and bedtime. Waking is easy, but the pre-dinner and bedtimes are the hardest because you can't eat for two hours beforehand, or the readings go way up. It also means that I take the medication at structured times, though I'm still lucky enough to only have two slots daily.

There are several folks with diabetes who are locked into 8 or more blood glucose readings a day. That's sixteen hours of your life done in a rigid structure.

I suppose it beats dying.

But I miss the spontaneity. I miss being able to head out to a restaurant or a bar with friends, or order a pizza or chinese food for delivery. I miss being able to get snacks at a movie theater. I'd miss going out on dinner dates if I was actually dating. I miss having a beer or six with the buddies.

Then again, I get to spend quality time with my sweet pooch. And she appreciates getting to read her pee-mail.

Glory be: I need to break out the camera. It's been over two years since I last shot anything with the RobCam, and I really need to go over it and make sure it's in proper shape for the upcoming shooting of "second-unit" stuff. And I need to clear out basement space so I can both do lifecasting and bring in the construction tools from the "garage".

And hell, I have an idea for a short film that just came back to me. It's one I've been thinking about for a while, but I just realized that it needs to be much shorter than I was originally thinking. The happy is that it's all one location, and it can probably be a set. And we can probably re-use a set that we're planning to build already, just re-dress it.

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