Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

TMI buffer full

I very rarely have sex dreams, or dreams with any sexual orientation other than as an expression of frustration. I think I can count the number of times that in my dream I have had any kind of "sexual" activity (including kissing) on... well, let's say two hands. Certainly it's less than ten times. In almost every case when there is some "erotic" content to a dream, there is no physical sensation, and something always happens to interfere with that happening.

Last night can chalk up one more. I dreamt that I was in some European city, most likely Amsterdam. There was some stuff that happened with my camera getting stolen by a group of girls and me catching one of them, and eventually it ended up with me asking one of the girls to have my picture taken with her (innocently enough), where she got naked except for the tattoos that covered her body (her name apparently was "Reagan"), and she pushed my head to her nipple.

Oy, physical sensation. Texture, and a little electrical tingly feeling.

I don't remember much beyond that. I do remember that my first thought was This will make a great picture to screw the picture and getting completely absorbed in the happy nipple moment.

Yeah, it's a long way from reality. I don't exactly have hot Euro-babes making a point of gratifying my desires just because they like me, any more than I have D.B. Cooper's treasure buried in my back yard. But it was a dream, and I'm gonna go with it.

Was there meaning behind any of it?

Well, considering that I'm somewhat sex-obsessed right now (obsessed is probably the wrong word, but it's close enough for playtime), I'll throw out that the sex part is pretty meaningless, being more noise than anything. I consider it to be my brain's way of telling me that I want sex, which in my current frame of mind is sort of like my brain waking me up every 30 seconds to say HEY! YOU'RE BREATHING!

I will consider that it may be partially about relationship things, things like actually meeting different people. Taking place in Amsterdam-- a foreign land where I am out of my element-- maybe encouraging me to spread my horizons more. Theft of the camera and my subsequent finding who stole it and getting it back, representing a risk of being in unknown territory? Taking away of my ability to "see" things? Letting me know that my "inner vision" can be trusted, and that I don't need the external artifice to be competent?

And what about Amsterdam? I identify the city as a bastion of progressive hedonism, where you can get hash and mushrooms in coffee shops, and the people are less sexually repressed. It could be that I'm feeling a need to revert to my meat-self and be more hedonic, to explore more pleasures of the flesh since I've been working on trying to be healthy and that's meant a lot of denial of pleasures like food and booze.

So maybe I should go smoke some hash and hit a sleazy strip club.

Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

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