Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I have a metric buttload of stuff to do.

There is lifecasting that needs to be done for a couple of actors in the movie so that we can so some distinctly elaborate special effects. I was originally going to do these in the basement, but the cold weather has me rethinking that and I'm going to do them upstairs in the warm room for the comfort of my victims patients. Having wet plaster slathered upon you, even if it's warm can be uncomfortable if it's cold. I need to get a decent dropcloth that's not slippery plastic.

Of course, having actual people over to the house makes me nervous. I should probably clean up more, clean up the kitchen, sweep and mop the bathroom, scrape the dead rodents off the ceiling, stuff like that. It's not gonna be exactly presentable, but I'd settle for non-toxic.

I have to do some previsualization and storyboards for the second-unit stuff I'm shooting. Since I can't draw for coddlebeans, I'm looking to play with some nifty software and see how it works. I downloaded the demo, and with the little bit of playing that I've done, it looks to be very much in the realm of what I need. The only things it doesn't seem to deal with well are lens choices (which is pretty meaningless considering I'm not using standard lenses) and importing still images to use as static backdrops. I don't know yet about creating and importing 3D models.

And yeah, besides exercising the dog and such.

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