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Falling into the meme trap

What do you do to make money? Printing press in the basement.
Do you like it? It's a tool, much like any other.
Look to your left: Okay. Now what?
Look to your right: Stand up sit down, fight, fight, fight?
Which book has changed the way you live? The telephone book.
Have you ever left someone you loved? Yes, on an almost daily basis.
Has someone you loved ever left you? No. When they try, I lock them in the basement. I have a big basement. It has a printing press in it.
The president has asked to see you, what do you say? Wanna see my basemet?
A beautiful woman is over at your house, what music do you put on? Something loud to cover the screams coming from the basement. (alternative answer: I would probably put on pants.)
What is your favorite poster in your house? Me.
Behind your back people call you: On the telephone?
Had you an army, which country would you invade: The undiscovered country. Then it would be easy.
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