Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

You never object to hard work. You are always prepared to put in the effort and the hours, as long as you feel there's a fair chance of getting a result. You hate, though, to feel as if your time is being wasted. So, are you now on a pointless mission? Absolutely not. The full moon is about to bring you the chance to grow much more secure about a matter which is currently both unsettled and unsettling. Progress won't come easily but if you persevere... it will come. Don't steel yourself for failure, expect success.

Not true. I object to hard work on general principle.

Okay, could you be a little more specific? At this point in my life, what isn't "both unsettled and unsettling"? Cripes, it's like saying "It may seem cold outside, but eventually you will feel warmer". It's horoscopes like this that make me think he just has a big dartboard, or a magic 8-ball that says things like Answer Hazy, Ask Again Later.

I have a feeling that shoveling snow is in my future. I already shoveled a bit this morning, since I kind of had to to get out of my house. I felt envious of the folks with snowblowers, since it's warm enough to be the wet, heavy stuff that sucks to shovel. And there seems to be more snow on my block than there is anywhere else I had to drive today.

Minor freakout this morning when I weighed in. I thought I misread the scale yesterday, but I double-verified it this morning: what I thought was a seven was actually a one. So instead of a two-pound increase, I actually had a four pound decrease. Which means I'm still on track for a loss every week. That's good, because it's unlikely that I'm gonna be doing walkies tonight with Miss Nose, and will instead be playing shovel-the-snow-onto-the-dog mixed with moments of catch-the-snowball.

Micha was again cuddly this morning, though he's a bit agressive. He likes me to breathe on him, so he sticks his face in my face a lot, and rubs his cheek on my stubble. Unfortunately, since I'm a bit allergic to him, it makes me really itchy and snotty, and he gets all cranked off when I start sneezing. Stoopi-kitty. Plus, he's carried his up-high/down-low fetish to new depths, including my bedside glass of water.

Thinking about the porch construction again. Partly because we had a boring meeting at work, and as my mind was wandering, I was noticing some structural things in the warehouse that I thought were just weird, and that led more into structural engineering stuff on the house, and all. And I got to thinking that what I really want to have is a huge underground complex with studio space, workshop space, and soundstage space, and a living space that's relatively modest but really damn cool. I'd build it into the side of a cliff or a big hill or something so it wouldn't be obtrusive.

Methinks there is some psychological component to that idea. It's just busting with imagery then, innit?

I way overslept this morning. I remember the alarm going off and hitting the snooze button, and then I woke up four hours later. Headachey and all. I'm guessing that I'll be all sinus-infecty before too long. I might be all intense and fevery now, but I just don't know it. I can really fray into the delusional without a lot of effort.

Of course, that might be because I'm getting down to my college weight, and burning fat cells that have stored chemical memories of some of the more experimental phases of my life.

It could be a wild ride, Mr. Toad.

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    can't stop shivering.

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    Woke up this morning, let the dog outside. There is snow. Crawling back into bed now.

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    It got cold enough in the kitchen that the pipes to and from the dishwasher froze. I had to thaw them with a space heater.

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