Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Behavioral science

While I was grocery shopping last night, I was at the mushroom aisle at the same time that a woman was there. We both reached for the same package of baby bellas at the same time, and had that awkward moment. "Good choice," I said, and relinquished the package to her.
"Yes, I like them a lot." She smiled, and we parted ways.

She was a rather attractive woman, probably in her late 20's. And so help me, I felt uncomfortable because of it, like I had to be careful of what I said or it could be construed as harassment, or an "untoward advance".

What the hell? Why would I have this reaction? I wasn't cruising, I was buying vegetables.

Today one of my coworkers came in for the company holiday potluck, and she brought her newborn baby in with her. Cripes, you should have seen the women. I think they actually squealed in unison.

I'm thinking I'm pretty damn far out of the loop in a lot of ways.

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