Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Just call me Mister Grumpy-Ass.

Impromptu meeting today on architecture. GUIman and I are having head-butting arguments over some really weird shit. When I mention that "blocks get parsed into objects", he first wants a rigid definition of the object, then objects to the parsing. When I'm explaining the block structure advantages over the existing cobbled-together randomness, he objects to it as being unnecessary.

It's absolutely weird. He wants to describe everything in terms of UML, where I feel that UML is too cumbersome for some of the embedded real-time concepts. When I talk about abstraction of the communication between two units in the sense of an ISO/OSI network abstraction, he calls it too complex and feels it would take too much time, instead being in favor of a "data virtualization" layer. Which is exactly the same thing.

It seems like he's just objecting to what I'm bringing up because it's me bringing it up. It's frustrating.

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