Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Picture post from hell...

No, they're really good if you slow-cook 'em...

You let your kids go out dressed like that?

Have I mentioned that I like beer?

Now that's effective advertising.

Granny's got it goin' on!

The good news is you get a whole hour for lunch.


Sometimes words just fail.

Lucky that tree is there...

When pet rocks get too big.

Way to get your flat tire changed...


For your lonely geek-boy friends.


You talkin' to me?


musichad as a young boy...

Good thing he's not horny...

Daddy, I found your balloon!

In an unexpected move, UPS has changed their uniforms in order to attract a different demographic.


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    Feelin' a little sick tonight.

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    Finally, I feel clean. Having strawberries with whipped cream. Fat-free whipped cream, but it's still yummy.

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    1180/100. Watched some of the extras for The Host. Came up with a short film idea for a contest. Made oven-baked potatoes & onions. Having dinner,…

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