Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Rob, age 43, has dedicated his/her life to helping others, getting strength
and power from this and earning love and respect from those Rob has helped.
Originally from Smugpuppi, Utah, Rob now lives in Minneapolis to be near several
attractive women and holds a job as a vegetarian zombie. Rob is single and has
no children. He's amazingly good in bed.

As a child, Rob never felt loved
by his/her father figure, who was somehow inaccessible (workaholic or
alcoholic). Rob connected easily with his/her mother, seeing being a helper as a
way to fit in to the family structure and earn love from the father. Combine
this with a more recent loss or disappearance of a loved one, and you get an
overwhelming urge to help people, which is an attempt to calm an inner fear of
being unloved. Rob's flaw is that the motivation is not always pure and he/she
ignores personal needs, putting the good of others above his/her own welfare. He
wants to fight crime and make the world safe for justice. And get laid.

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