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Completion, part I

So the electronics are done and working.

Now comes the part where I have to program a control track to match an audio track, taking into account some mechanical offsets. It's basically drudge work at this point, but it's a good thing, as this means I've managed to do a serious design and prototype build in record time. We're talking something like 12 hours from concept to working prototype. And that's hand soldering.

I also worked in some dog time today. Went for a reasonably long walk, about an hour and a half. Happy dog, who also got to go for a couple of car rides. She will sleep tonight.

Last-minute Convergence prep. This is the fifth year, and this was supposed to be the year that I refused to work and would be able to actually attend the convention. Unfortunately, I was asked if I wanted to be a last-minute liason, and I ended up saying yes. You see, it turns out that the crew of Trekkies 2 is coming to Convergence to shoot. So me being Mr. Film Guy makes for a dandy liason for the crew. I pretty much get to hang with the film crew while they are shooting, answer questions, and massage Denise Crosby's tired shoulders. Well, okay, I made up the last part, but it's still pretty cool. Or it could be. It's worth a little time to find out.

Really feeling pretty decent lately. The big stressors are falling into place, and I'm actually getting on top of things. It's weird.

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