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Ask me a question. Any question. And I'll answer it 100% honestly. However in return, I get to ask you a question back which you must answer with honesty as well.

Anyone else can join in answering a question as well that has been previously asked, as if the question had been asked to them. They can then ask a question as well. And so on and so forth. Thinking of it as a confessional/get to know people pyramid scheme.

Here's your chance, kids. That thing you've either been dying to know, or dying to get me to admit in a public forum. No holds barred, and anonymous comments are fair game.

For some reason, this makes me nervous.


Jan. 1st, 2006 08:35 am (UTC)
Best job: hard to say, because they all had their good and bad points. Digital Audio Labs was pretty cool, because I actually made a good impact on an industry that I like, and got to play with some amazing toys. I really did love doing the work on Horror Incorporated, but it wasn't a "job" per se.

House was built in 1922, finished in 1923. I actually have a picture from when it was new.

Favorite spicy food would probably be spicy thai chicken or duck. I am a bit of a hot-pepper-phile, and when I cook for myself I tend to use various hot peppers or hot pepper sauces to spice things up.

Now for you: I for some reason have you pegged as a single mom, though I don't think that's ever been outright stated. What is your relationship "shape"? (if that makes any sense-- looking at your interests page makes me less likely to think that there is a particular category that would be sufficient :)

Jan. 1st, 2006 09:13 pm (UTC)
ack! Now I see why everyone else is smart enough not to play this. Well, my home was built in the forties and an addition put on in the seventies. Luckily it's well built and very tight insulation wise, however it lacks aesthetic appeal cause it still looks like that post war allentown housing.
I sure do dislike the term single mom as that implies that I am all my kid has.
I have a sometimes bf thats been on again mostly recently off again stuff, last I checked I was wanted back and thats nice and all. the father of my kids is a huge help in my life, these two people are not the same...
and any other questions need to be asked over a plate of jello.
Jan. 2nd, 2006 03:43 am (UTC)
Fair enough. I've recognized in you a dislike of labels in general, which I get with a vengeance.

I think a Jell-O night would be good. The next couple of weeks are probably gonna be a bit hectic with the second-unit film stuff causing me to have much angst, but I would like to get together at some point soon.

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