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My ass hurts.

Something of a quandry today.

I have been requested to go help with the electrical wiring for the Project from Hell. It's a reasonable request, as I'm the one who designed the electrical system, but I figured it was simple enough for others to handle. Apparently I was wrong.

1.) Yes, aluminum foil is indeed metal. Hence the "aluminum" part.
2.) The end of the extension cord that you plug into the wall is the one with the prongs.

Downside is that it will be taking away time from the programming that I need to do. Upside is that it will get done right.

I have deliberately stayed away from the mechanical design this time. For one, the guy who is handling the mechanicals is pretty headstrong in his own right, and we have different ways of doing things. Ultimately he is capable, and rather than spend time arguing over construction details, I decdided to trust him and let him run with it. I think that for my own level of sanity it was a good decision. Unfortunately, Barb didn't make the same decision, and there has been some strife.

Heh, heh, heh. :)

The big problem comes in because we are trying to reproduce something that exists and is familiar to everyone, but it can't be reproduced faithfully because of space and safety limitations.

Compromises have to be made. And it is the nature of the compromises that is causing the friction. You see, while it is familiar to everyone, everyone interprets it a little differently. There are reasons for that which I am beginning to understand and cannot describe fully, but suffice it to say that the final product will be a little different than the original.

That will disappoint some, others will be appreciative. The ones who are disappointed will be brought to the back room and made to create a 1/32 scale reproduction of the Statue of Liberty using toothpicks and library paste.

So anyway, the electrical/electronics is my field, and it needed some special design because of the aforementioned size and safety issues. It's really pretty complex, and uses a lot of smoke-and-mirrors chicanery to make it work, but I think it will be pretty cool in the end.

Not to say there aren't problems. For instance, the other two decided on a design issue using lights without consulting me. Ya know, stuff like that affects what I'm doing, but too damn bad, it's already in there.

Realistically, I can do what I can to make sure my part works in the way I want it to, and that may be enough.

And yeah, I'm deliberately being vague. A lot of folks already know what the project is, but many do not. And I want it to be a surprise for as many folks as possible, because nobody knows yet what it will look like in the end. Including me.

Part of me wants to document the building of this beast. Another part does not, simply because of the nightmareish quality that it has taken on.

Lessons learned.

A project that has multiple people working on it needs project management.
Design by committee does not work.
If I have made a decision to avoid stress, Barb will find a way to bring that stress back to me.

There will be much soaking in the hot tub this weekend.

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