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Woke up this morning with the headache from hell again. It's tied to sinuses, but it acts like a migraine. Claritin-D and ibuprofen, and back to bed.

Went to work late, but I did go. And of course it's meetings all day. And today I am shaky and sad and a little dizzy.

Tonight, BriBaby is coming over. I haven't seen him in a coon's age (like since before I went down to Iowa), and we're gonna take Sadie for a walk and talk about more esoteric things. I get the feeling that he's having a creative crisis. Either that or he wants to make porn.

(---break for meetings from hell---)

Less sad now, but still a little shaky and dizzy.

Record month at work. Boss-man bought lunch-- I think it was LeAnn Chin. Kung Pao Lutefisk and some other bland vaguely oriental food. It was kinda cool, but I'm thinking MSG in the Kung Pao, not be good for me.

Ah, well. At least it wasn't tomato-tuna surprise.

Physical energy is important. To conserve it, we try to eat, sleep and exercise carefully. Mental energy matters too - yet few of us show it the same respect. You wouldn't want to push at a brick wall or run endlessly round in circles for long, but in your mind you will often push hard against immovable obstacles - or go round the same old wheel of thoughts and ideas for day after day. To constructively use your brainpower this weekend don't funnel it into a pointless conflict or a futile fantasy. Work gently on what's actually possible.

Bite me.

At this time you may be tempted to withdraw and keep your feelings secret, especially if you are at all insecure about your inner self. Perhaps you, like many people, have always felt that if others really knew you, they wouldn't like you. So you keep your entire emotional life secret. But whatever you hide from others, you will also hide from yourself. And whatever you hide from yourself can control you without your being aware of it. This is a time when your unconscious attitudes and fears can be very difficult. You need to communicate your deep inner feelings to another person, preferably someone you can trust. Probably you will not feel much like socializing now. And in fact it is a good time to be alone and face any aspect of yourself that you are reluctant to face. It is probably not really all that bad.

Yeah, like I hide away my emotional life. Is there anybody who isn't just dad-blamed tired of hearing me whine about being all lonely and sad? Is there anyone out there who doesn't want to say someting like "Buck up cubby, it's not so bad"?

Hey, there's a song in there. See, when life gives you lemons, find someone who has vodka and drink yourself silly.

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