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Okay, that just sounds wrong. That makes it seem like my brain sprouts little legs, jumps out of my skull, and starts strolling down the hallway looking into closets and such. Really, it's not that far off of the mark.

For instance, there is a coffee stain on the carpet at work that bears an uncanny resemblance to a human fetus. And it has splat marks all around it. I find it vaguely disturbing. Then I think that the plural of fetus is properly feti, then I start thinking of feta cheese, and singular of feta is fetum, and I wonder what relationship fetum has to fetus. Then fetid reminds me of the corpse in the basement, and the painting which I pulled off in a couple of hours last night. Difficulty with finding corpse painting references comes about because every corpse is different, and in different stages of decay, and different environments create a completely different patina and texture. This one's pretty decayed, so I went with mottled earth tones, did some subtle highlights and shadow, and added moss.
Gotta say that the moss adds tremendously. It's creepy as fuck. I showed Barb, and she told me it was disgusting and wonderful. Then she started in on why couldn't I be the one to paint the [project from hell] because I understand subtlety...

It was ugly.

I went over last night to finish up the wiring, which went until very late. The wiring is done and tested, which is something of a feat considering how freaking huge this thing is. And it's safe. No fires or shocks or anything. As long as it doesn't fall over on somebody we should be fine. :)

But Barb is in terminal fret stage. She is freaking out over the last-minute stuff. The fact that someone else is doing the painting is distressing her, because it's being done differently than if she had done it. I understand this because I have worked with her before on projects. And I have worked on other projects with other people where I learned to trust that the other people know what they are doing. I don't think she's had that experience as much as I have yet, and the artist within her is screaming to get out and DO STUFF, so she's a little brittle. I also believe that it's okay that it looks different than if we had done it

Last night she came to me almost crying. She accuses me of not caring and not supporting her, when she knows that I do care and I do support her. I'm just not willing to compromise on my earlier decision, and I trust that everything will be fine.

Of course, it's a long way from gray to pink with swirls. Maybe I should worry.

Tonight will be spent in front of the computer doing more programming. That is entirely fine by me, as I'm only a little bit behind where I need to be, and with some ass-kicking I can be done with a very cool thing. I do need to check that the CD player that I have selected has a repeat function or I'll have to do a last-minute scramble for a different player, which would suck. Needs to play CD-Rs, have a permanent repeat, and a random capability would be cool.

And I need to do some speaker rewiring.

And I'll need to help Barb out as she's working on yet another facet of the PFH. Things like two-part polyurethane foam and cutting really thick cardboard. And cleaning the freaking airbrush when it clogs. Have I ever mentioned that I hate airbrushing with craft paint? There is an acrylic airbrush medium that helps, but it's still pretty annoying to have to stop every couple of minutes to unclog the tip.

In the so-what-else-is-new file, the house is a mess. Project stuff, neglected dishes, the normal detritus of life. I have the feeling a lot of other folks are in the same boat.
I don't think there is a time in the near future where I don't have projects happening (post-Convergence).

  • Finishing the gutters.

  • Finishing the window trim painting.

  • Horror Inc. movie.

  • Several haunted commercials.

  • Repairing the front porch roof (major undertaking, that).

And that's not even considering the stuff that's already on the list. Oy.

If I seem a little antisocial, please understand that I'm not really. I'm just embedded. And you know, if any of y'all feel like doing some heavy carpentry later this summer, I have just the thing. :)

On a nice note, the contract house brought pizza today for all the folks working here, so I didn't have to buy lunch.

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