Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Skirting the edge of a migraine today.

Enough going on today that I'm kind of hiding in the shadows. Shooting tonight, the first of the second-unit stuff that's a continuation of last night's festivities.

Gotta say that the amino acid suppliments seem to be working, as my mood has relatively stabilized. I won't say anything about the long-term effects because it's just been a couple of days, but it seems better. Funky-ass dreams though. And horseshit sleep schedule. I might add in some melatonin in the night mix to see what happens. Probably dream myself out of existence.

Got a weight bench. Don't have it put together yet, but at least I have it now. Need to get some weights though-- my previous set doesn't seem to have survived one of the many purgings. The bench does have a leg curl attachment though, and I do have a 50-lb plate set. Maybe I can get my knees back.

I've been avoiding talking about the relationshippy stuff lately. Partly because there's not much happening, but partly because I'm just avoiding. Lots of thinks thunk, lots of sinks sunk, lots of rinks runk. Still no glory. Post-mortem says 'taint likely beyotch. One needs an arena in which to play, then one needs playmates. And I haven't even figured out what the game is yet.

Another metaphor blown to hell. At least they sell hot dogs and overpriced beer.

Your search - emotionally stable strippers - did not match any documents.

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