Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Grunty toaster muffins.

I hurt today. Achy all over, which I attribute to last night's adventures in shooting.

(Many thanks to geohard, chebutykin and cajones for making my life so much more fulfilled. It was really an awesome night.)

Started off with me getting home and trying to pack everything up in the truck, feed the pets, and balance all the other things that I needed to do whilst being a tad bit distracted.

Got all the equipment packed and on the road by 6:20. Only a few minute3s behind schedule, not too shabby. Made it to 394 when I realized I had forgotten the tripod. I looked over at the traffic on eastbound 394, and it was backed up for miles; I debated whether I could forego the tripod for the shooting and decided that I couldn't. SO I turned off at Penn and took the back roads home.

Got the tripod. Realized that I had also forgotten the prosthetic bullet wounds for George. Got those. Realized at the last minute that I had also forgotten to pack the dolly track.

Did I mention that whole part about being distracted?

Okay, fine. I made it back on the road by a little after 7:00. Much later than I wanted to be, since I was planning a 6:30 start, but still okay.

Made it to the Asylum. George was already there, and we got to the unpacking of the truck and the setting up of stuff. I also had to realign the back focus on the camera since I had just replaced the lens after fixing it, which took much longer than it should have. I also noticed that my backup battery on the camera was dead, which nagged at me for some reason that I couldn't put my finger on...

Started setting up the first shot. Bear in mind that this is outdoors, the temp had dropped to somewhere around 20 degrees, and there was a breeze. It was cold. And I started shaking. And sweating. And feeling dizzy. Oh, yeah, I had forgotten to eat, too. Recognized the symptoms as hypoglycemic, which meant I needed to get some sugar now. Unfortuinately I didn't have any, and the asylum was bare. cajones ran to my rescue, galloping to the corner store for a bag of tootsie rolls while I continued to try to set up the shot with geohard.

A couple of tootsies later, and we were off. The dolly worked beautifully, the shot looked better than I had imagined, and I felt like a filmmaker again.

Started disconnecting things to move to the next setup. Set up the tripod for a static shot, plugged in the power supply for the camera, and the camera went dead. Oops. The power supply had come unplugged with all the moving. Plugged it back in. Camera still dead. Turned camera off and on, still dead. Take off the battery, put the battery back on, try again, still dead.


Okay, it's cold. Call a standby and we go inside to warm up for about a half-hour. The camera comes back on after a few minutes, and I decide to check out the settings.

Remember that dead backup battery? Yeah. Reverted the camera back to its factory settings.

Insert favorite curse words here.

Ran through the menus on the camera putting everything back where I needed it to be. Told everyone that we needed to re-shoot all the stuff we had just shot, but since we were already set up, we'd just continue where we had left off.

Amazingly, after that things just went smoothly. We got the shots almost exactly like what I had storyboarded, the dolly worked better than it had ever worked, and I even managed to do a focus pull dolly move that worked.

Finished the outdoor stuff, went inside and took a few minutes to warm up before setting up for the still shots.

geohard rocked. I cut "bullet" holes in his shirt, added the prosthetics, then proceeded to pour cold, goopy blood on him. Repeatedly. And he took it well, and looked like a dead scary monster. And we cleaned up the blood as much as possible, and geohard enough to be passable in polite company. The still shooting went by unbelievably fast, and I finished up with some different more forensic-feeling cartridge casing shots.

I think it was wrapped by 10:30 or so. I hung around a few minutes chatting with cajones and chebutykin, and finally departed sometime after 11:00.

Unloaded the truck when I got home, at least part way. I managed to twist my knee on the slippery stuff and decided that what was left could withstand a night of being in the cold. It was way too late to review footage, so I just dumped the stills onto the hard drive, e-mailed a couple of the images to avindair, and collapsed into a little sleepy-puddle.

I'll try and get some pictures up after I get home tonight.

Winter shooting sucks rocks.
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