Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Letting off steam
Weak, transient effect: Tonight there is a real danger of needless disputes, irritability, emotionalism, rash action and hastiness, which may result in harm or inconvenience later. You will find it difficult to handle other people for awhile. One of the challenges now is to successfully let off steam without making an unnecessary shambles. If you frequently feel somewhat discouraged about yourself, you should be especially careful with this influence. You may see everything that comes your way as a threat and react much too defensively. If you have a bolder and more self-confident temperament, you may be inclined to act too quickly, to be hasty and overcritical of others. Or you may be accident prone. With this influence, you are not as careful as you should be, and you might hurt yourself.

Arguably, every day brings a false dawn. The sun comes up, the night recedes and it begins to look as if we will all be bathed in light for evermore. Just a few hours later, though, the sky reneges on its promise. Darkness falls once more. Does that make us foolish for embracing each brand new day? Of course not. Perhaps your current advantage won't last forever, either. It will, though, hang around long enough to bring some real joy and magic into your life. Worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes. Today brings you a real gift.

So combining the two, apparently my gift is going to be either getting into an argument with someone, or perhaps cutting myself badly with a kitchen knife.

Perhaps I should just stay in bed.

And a totally unrelated question: how could I freaking screw up rice?

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