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Suffer the slings and arrows

Kjersti is back! Yay! :)

I'm having to work very hard to not be sucked in to the whirling void of Barb's panic. We are all on a terminal course for the PFH that will end in a couple of days, then it will be all over. Barb is planning on drinking heavily at Convergence. If I had time, I'd get a shirt made up for Barb that says "It's not my fault!" so when she becomes incoherent, she can just point.

The PFH had a new wrinkle last night. Had to do with painting. Apparently, someone had the idea that a second coat of paint with a lighter color would somehow make a light shining through something brighter. It doesn't. The proferred solution was to exchange the lights that I currently have for brighter lights.
Nope. The programming that I have done is designed around the lighting profile of the specific lamps. And they don't make lights with a similar profile any brighter, at least not without spending a whopping lot more money. We're already over budget as is without spending an additional $250 on lights. So I have to try and find something else that will work.

I'm planning on a lot of hot-tub time. No big surprise there. I have a panel on Friday afternoon that I'm on, and I have Saturday to hang with the film crew, and there is certainly Cinema Rex holding my attention for a few things, but I'm really wanting to be more of a sloth than anything. A warm, wet, comfortable sloth.

Right now, in the back of the SUV, I have a giant beaver and two large rocks. I am odd. Of course, after chebutykin stopped by yesterday, I know what she had in her car, so I'm not altogether in bad company. :)

Lots of stuff to do tonight. More programming-- I did get some done last night, but I need to do more-- as well as some additional wiring. I decided to use my studio CD player, as it has both repeat and random functions accessible from the front panel. However, it is a 5 CD changer, which means I now have an option for *more stuff* if I have time to put it together. It changes the presentation slightly, but that's not a bad thing. The downfall is time.

And since I've been so busy these last couple of weeks, I've really been able to hide away from emotions. I don't know whether that's good or not. I suspect not, as I think that taking some time to explore why I'm feeling the way I am is probably a good thing overall, but being able to just run away from it feels good. Some of the feelings I've had recently have been odd and different than I'm used to. And that's disturbing.

And we creep ever so slowly toward the final showdown...

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