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Idiot drivers

I'm on the road a lot every day, which means that I get to see my share of bad drivers. We all have lapses from time to time, but there are some people out there who just should not be driving.

Case in point:
Woman driving in right lane who decided to match my speed when I started to pass her. Kept that up for a couple of miles.

Guy who decided to tailgate me by less than a car length when he couldn't pass. I was doing 75MPH. Got pissed off when I flashed my brake lights and flipped me off.

Guy in a van who merged without looking, and forced me to swerve into another lane and almost hit another car.

Guy in the BMW S-class who got pissed off at me when I went to pass another vehicle and interfered with his traffic weaving. During rush hour on 394.

There are more, but enough ranting for now.

Weird thought of the day: Fritos bean dip looks an awful lot like cat food. Next party could be fun.

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