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Workin' on the car mine goin' down down down

Spent a few hours outside in the cold cruel winter winds putting the smackdown on the engine.

What's left of the serpentine belt. It shredded.

Had to remove the air inlet manifold. Actually wasn't too bad, once I got past some sticky fasteners.

There's the culprit. Idler pulley, completely seized. Wouldn't turn at all. Pulled it off, and this is what was left:

Incidentally, that's not what it's supposed to look like.

So I walked down to the NAPA on the corner for a new serpentine belt and a new idler pulley. Unfortunately, they were sold out of the idler pulley that I needed. The only one they had was slightly larger, like a quarter inch. It may not sound like much, but it is. I had to get a slightly larger serpentine belt to compensate.

The new idler pulley is a different style as well. Not really a big deal as long as it works.

Did I mention the shredding? See all that stuff that's wrapped around the fan core? That was a pain in the ass to remove.

There we go, all installed.

The clearance is kinda tight, but it's clearance.

It runs, and all is happy. Yay!

But now I am cold. Very cold.
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