Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Health stuff, probably TMI. Move along unless you really want to hear about things like texture.

Okay, I spoke a bit too soon on how easy the injections are. As it turns out, I've got about a 50% chance of hitting a pain receptor in the abdominal region, so I've taken to first touching my skin with the needle. If I feel it, I move it slightly. This seems to reduce the chance of pain. And there is a tiny bit of blood, kind of like a spider bite.

There is a slight bit of burning or stinging from the injection, or a kind of "tightness" in the immediate area a couple of minutes later. Makes me want to rub it, which is probably an okay thing to do.

Side effects: so far the nausea and diziness thing has been fairly mild. Ever hit yourself with a hammer, or something equivalent enough that there's the moment before the pain sets in where you feel like you're gonna faint? That's about it, except for the pain. And it lasts longer. Milder than that for the most part, though I haven't figured out completely yet what makes the difference. Interestingly, I have some herbal antinausea medication that seems to work really well to combat that.

Intestinal disruption. I don't know of a more gentle way of putting it than that. That's nothing new, though the intensity is a bit surprising. Happily I bought some books to read. I think I'll probably be reading a lot. Honestly this has been an issue with the diabetes in general, and is one of the reasons why the Slim-Fast thing was kinda nice. I'll spare you the details, let's just say that there was a fast turnaround time.

Some muscle cramping. Abdominal muscles, pretty mild, but slightly uncomfortable. Kind of like I did crunches yesterday after not having done them for a while.

Sensitive to cold. This may be more of an effect of improved circulation, or it may actually be a temperature sensitivity.

More energy. Maybe. Feels like a slight increase in energy when I took Sadie out last night. Walking was easier. If this continues, it would be a very very good thing.

Mood boost. Mild, but I feel "warmer" in a mood sense.

Flavors. Things taste different. It's subtle, but it's there. Maybe a bit more metallic. Not too disturbing, but enough to throw me off balance.

"Fullness" feeling. Not noticing this at all. Hunger feels different, more mental? Feel sated with less food.

Blood glucose levels are really good. Not perfect yet, but noticeable improvement, and within a couple of points of target.

Hey, petsnakereggie, I found the answer to why I feel really wonky at blood glucose levels that you find normal: apparently as your average starts dropping, you get used to it more. I think there's more to it, as my numbers with the Byetta have been dropping sub-100 and I haven't been feeling hypoglycemic at all.

Overall very hopeful.

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