Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Name five quirky habits you possess...

No, really, I don't.

1.) I shift dimensional realities occasionally. I think everyone does, but they just don't remember. For some reason, I retain memories over the shifts, things like spet and fron. But then my last reality didn't have blue. Blue is pretty damn cool.

2.) I practice sharpening my jedi mind powers by driving with my eyes closed. You'd be surprised how effective you can be after a couple of years. The first couple of months are the worst.

3.) I listen to the voices in my head. I learned that they're pretty often right about stuff, particularly the one that sounds like Scott Bakula.

π.) I never learned how to bake.

4.) I have learned how to become invisible. Thing is, it doesn't come in nearly as handy as you'd think since I have to be naked to do it and I still make noises when I move. And farts aren't invisible. Blame the dog.

5.) I can tie knots in cherry stems with my tongue. Yeah, I know, that's not all that special, but I can do a sheepshank and a clove hitch, and I can tie two cherry stems together, one with a right-hand granny knot and one with a left-hand. And given enough time and enough cherries, I could probably knit a sweater.

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