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I am in a feckful mood. The brain is in full-on creative mode, fluffing ideas out of the aether and aimed toward the satisfaction of something mechanical and abstract for work. It's pure genius mode, on where the washing and brainstorming funnel effective through drawings and words and shorthand sketchery.

Brain is all flowery. Connections made in abstract, high-concept, not word-memes.

I'm getting a lot done today. It's all high-concept system analysis kind of stuff, which is cool but really brainy. By the end of the day, I'm gonna be wiped.

Adventure tonight shall consist of some social time at the Asylum (ostensibly to defrock the home of holiday lights and animatronic reindeer), which should be quite nice. I will also bring a movie or two which I shall foist upon the inmates, barring catastrophe (like they've already seen them).

And now, back to more cerebral dysplasia.

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