Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

<poke, prod>

Yeah, okay, fine.

<poke, poke>

Hey, I said I'd do it. Jeez, knock off with the cattle prod!



Ladies and Gentlemen, if I may have your attention please:

A rough cut of the first ten minutes or so of the movie "Pray for Daylight" seems to have escaped the confines of the editing suite and have shown up on the internet. We don't know how this could have happened, other than through some formerly undiscovered weakness in the firewall. It's not like Fearless Leader would have uploaded it or anything.

Please do not watch this rough cut. It is unfinished, having  temporary placeholders of illustrated animatics in place of a new title sequence being worked on in a completely different state by Scott Nemmers. The movie has not been through any image processing as of yet, so it's dark in places. The sound is in the very very early stages and not really representative of what the final sound will be at all.

Please do not listen to the cool music that is on this rough cut. The title song (which is cool as hell, kudos to Conrad, Colin, and Josh!) was not supposed to be leaked this early, and if you hear it now, it might spoil the surprise for later.

The file is also very large, something like 20Mb in size. Way too big for your puny bandwidth. Please do not watch this rough cut

That is all.

Yeah, that link. Don't click on it or anything.

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