Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

It is night, and the moon is full. Werewolves, open your eyes.

It's Friday, it's warm, and I'm feeling like a wolf man-cub in his first spring. I want to rip and tear and gnaw and frolic and growl and lunge and pant and runandrunandrun.

Of course, none of that will actually happen.

By the time I leave from work, it will already be dark and the temperature will start to drop. I'll hook up the dog and we'll go for a walk around the neighborhood and try and avoid the wet spots on the sidewalk where the snow has melted but the now-cooling temperatures are starting to freeze them into patches of black ice. Then tomorrow comes the rain, turning to snow.

Tonight, I'll ponder existence for a while. I could go out and do something, but the out things hold very little sway for me right now, shy of finding some exquisite fondling shoppe that I don't already know of. I could stay in and do something like watch a movie or play a game, which is pretty likely. I could clean more stuff, which is also likely, but less likely than the more hedonistic stuff that I'd prefer.

With apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein:
I want a lap dance from a drunk sorority girl
One so drunk she'll shove her boobies in my face
She'll let me smooch her belly without telling me I'm smelly
And she'll show me that her thong is made of lace

I want a lap dance from a drunk sorority girl
Want to lick some Jell-O pudding off her ass
I want her to show me that she really wants to know me
The kind of girl that surely has some class

Okay, so I'm not writing The Mikado. Probably a good thing, too-- that whole Three Little Maids from School thing would take on a significantly different tone.

Hmm... a porn version of The Mikado.

Pirates of Penzance has already been done, I think.


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