Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Liquid frothy, relaxed state. For the moment, content.

Watched Dead Life, a truly bad indie horror film. Released by Brain Damage films, who also released Terror Toons, and Goth. Not a rousing history.

This is one of those films that will remain in infamy for one truly distinctive scene. Not one to show Mom or the kids. Cheesy dialogue, interminable pacing, wandering storyline, distracting inserts, cinemtogra-what?, snarky butt-pump inducing...

Well, it's not a good movie. It has moments that are cool. But the writer-director shot it with Super8mm film because he wanted to shoot on film, and not that crappy video. They then transferred the film to video in a cheap-ass one-light process.

The result looks sorta like you'd expect to see Bigfoot come walking through your line of vision, or a little bit of Kennedy's brain land on the trunk, but it just never happens.

But they did it. They put it together with a weird mix of cheesy and gory makeup effects (wow are those zombies ever blue), and one-and-only-one visual joke that suckered me into a laugh, even though it was so poorly executed that it took me a good 30 seconds to get it, and then was led into the moment that shall live in infamy.

If you don't want to know, just stop right here.

It involves a penis. And a zombie. They don't just eat brains. Or they do and it's a much deeper joke than I give them credit for. There is the ripping, and the tearing, and the testicular displacement and oy my glaven...

Anyway, it's pretty much one you can skip if you're anything but a deep buff of horror and prosthetic effects. I'd probably suggest it as a how-not-to, except that it's kinda boring.

(Oooh, can you feel the scathing?)

So far, DEBS was a winner, Vampires: The Turning turned out to be a pretty decent little flick, one other one that was nice, and I still have a bunch to go.

Some things I have learned:
When you have the words "Starring C. Thomas Howell" in your preview, it does not necessarily bode well.

Scantily Clad Hot Chicks Never Hurt. This may become Rob's Third Law of Filmmaking.

Ancient Evil is either a hot chick or a really ugly dude.

Watching Frankenstein Reborn now. It is disturbing when the deeply emotionally disturbed and psychotically violent delare their undying love for you. (Hey! It's Van Helsing! From that awful Van Helsing movie... no, that other awful Van Helsing movie.)

There are colors and textures of things that should not ever leave the human body.

More later perhaps.

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