Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Most of last night was spent working on the ADR lounge, which involved taking down the massage table, putting together the futon frame, and attaching big sheets of foam to the walls with carpet tape. The foam is there for a limited acoustic treatment, just to knock down the bright reflections from bare plaster walls-- it's not exactly the impressive acoustic ttreatment that a "real" studio would have, but it's a damn sight better than nothin'.

Way underestimated the amount of foam I need. I will probably pick up some more tonight. Also discovered that even though industrial-strength carpet tape is exceptionally sticky, it doesn't stick to foam nearly as well as I'd like. I'll probably switch to a more liquidy latex-based adhesive. It will stick to the walls and if I ever decide to take down the foam it will probably pull the paint off with it, but I think at that point I'd probably be repainting or redoing the walls anyway.

More work to be done on the room, including a carpet cleaning (thinking about renting a rug doctor from the local hardware store, it's that bad) and movulating a bunch of stuff that's in the room currently.

Damn cool thing though-- once it's done, it would make a dandy movie-viewing room. I'm almost considering moving the big widescreen pig upstairs; if I had another strong back to help, I probably would. Moving it up those stairs by myself sounds like a really bad idea.

This weekend I'll probably get the first of the wood for the front porch and put in the mudsill. It will of course depend on the weather, which is looking a lot like cold and snow so I may be stymied in my plans yet again, but it's not like I have nothing to do-- I always have the ADR prep work to keep me occupied.

In other weirdness, I am madly craving roast duck. I can't remember the last time I had roast duck, but I'm pretty sure it was back pre-Laughing Cup, back when it was Stevie Rays, and probably even before the stage was in place. Plus as I was driving back to work, I had the maddening urge to smash trash cans with the 'Sploder. It's actually got me a little worried about my sanity.

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