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I was abducted by aliens!

Weekend Update:
Well, as it turns out, this being the firsp post-Convergence weekend, I did a whole lotta nothin'.

A little bit of sleeping in, and I woke up with a majestic backache. Like unable-to-walk pain. Luckily, the Big Tub O Ibuprofen was within arm's reach, and a few minutes of wrangling got me into painkiller nirvana. Or at least as nirvanic as ibuprofen can get. About a four-hour nap later, I managed to get up and decided to take the dog for a walk. Still a lot of pain, but the knowledge that the walking would help to loosen up the muscles and whatever the hell else is back there. At least in theory. In practice, it was a little over an hour of awkward walking and pain. After that, I figured I'd go see Pirates of the Carribean.

What I ended up doing was going to Walgreens a to pick up some additional supplies, including some Naproxen Sodium. Thought was that NS may actually be better for the pain.



More nappin.

Then a trip with the dog down to Comp USA to see if maybe they had Bloodrayne (thanks tekwh0re). Unfortunately, they didn't-- I can't find it anywhere in stores. But I got sucked into the Animatrix, Matrix Revisited DVDs, as well as Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Unreal Tournament, and Homeworld, all on sale. Enough mental masturbation material to last a while.

Watched Revisited, which was good for the film-geek in me. Then jmanna called, and we made plans for no-pants, which was fun. I particularly liked the fact that there was an extra pair of pants left over at the end of the night. :)

The pear cider and ibuprofen mix made for some interesting perspectives, too.

Post-show, jmanna, chebutykin and cajones and I trekked out to Perkins and yapped until nigh-unconsciousness.

Woke up with a somewhat diminshed backache, and felt like I had been kidney-punched. I'm probably abusing myself pretty hard at this point, so I'm trying to be less pain-killer oriented.

Watched several clips from Animatrix, including Final Flight of the Osiris. Holy crap, that is some amazing animation.

Decided to go with babs to go see Pirates of the Carribean.

I liked it. Plain and simple. It's a little Disney-sterile, but it is a well-crafted movie, with some really wonderful CGI work (specifically killer matchmove stuff). And a bonus: trailer for the Haunted Mansion movie. Despite starring Eddie Murphy, I need to see this film.

Then back home to catch up on LJ and e-mail, which pretty much brings me to now.

Off to install Wolfenstein.


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