Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

List five celebrities (of your preferred sex) that you would most like to have [cough] intimate relations with. And then (cause it’s more fun with a twist) list five from the OTHER SEX just to prove you are comfortable with your masculinity/feminitity.

A couple of things about this meme.

1.) My dream date isn't about the "intimate relations". It's about the communication of ideas, sharing of stories, and human interaction. Social intercourse more than sexual intercourse. I think it's much more telling to list five celebrities that I'd like to actually go on a date with than playing "who would you screw". Hell, I'd boink Paris Hilton, but I don't think she'd be a brilliant conversationalist.

2.) I don't feel particularly compelled to prove that I'm comfortable with my masculinity. If I did, I'd probably go and wrestle bears, or climb mountains, or go quail hunting, or do stuff the Hemingway. I wouldn't do it by listing five men I'd fuck.

So to that end, the modified list:

1. Cate Blanchett. Damn fine actress, powerful presence. I'd love to hang around with her.
2. Tilda Swinton, much the same reasons.
3. Sandra Bullock. Apparently she's a serious freak.
4. Sarah Silverman. She should also be on my "who-would-you-do" list.
5. Joan Cusack. Strangely compelling.

1. Johnny Depp. I think he might be a touch crazy, but ultimately fascinating.
2. Hugh Jackman. Much more of a performer than he appears on the surface.
3. Brett Piper. Director of low-budget films that I like.
4. Nathan Fillion. Seems like a riot.
5. Joss Whedon. I'd probably get all pissed off, but I bet it would at least be interesting.

As for the who-would-you-do list:
1. Catherine Zeta-Jones
2. Angelina Jolie (pre-preggers)
3. Milla Jovovich
4. Morena Baccarin
5. Ashley Judd

No particular order, and certainly not a complete list.

As for guys that I would do, I can only think of one:

Uwe Boll. Because then I could wear a T-shirt that says I FUCKED UWE BOLL IN THE ASS.


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