Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Back is much better today, though still not letting me walk like anything other than an Egyptian.

Lots of stuff noodling through my brain, the mental equivalent of a Play-Doh Pumper: squeeze the lever and out comes a homogeneous mass forced into particular shapes. Some of the stuff is questions for which I have no answers, some of it is answers for which I have no questions, some of it is just frustration at not being able to do the things that I think I should be able to do, some of it is slow-burning fear. I think I need a brain purging. Is trepanning covered by insurance?

This weekend is gonna be the coldest days so far this winter, or at least approaching it. Big Alberta clipper (thanks a lot, Canada) gonna come through with below-zero temps to frost your tootsies and whatever other nubblies you decide to expose to the cold. My plan involves a lot of staying indoors, which is a bit frustrating with the whole porch thing needing attention. I think though that I may be able to effectively establish thermal priorities, and push off the porch work until after the Marscon work on the movie is plotzed. It will be warmer, and I'll be able to focus more cleanly on each project rather than thrashing between them in a virtual squirrel dance.

Feeling decidedly un-humorous today. In a word, cranky. I'm still finding bits of glue on my skin that are not fully cooperating with the peeling-off plan. It looks like I have a mild case of leprosy.

I suppose it's partly a grumpy reaction to Valentine's day. Not being of the coupled persuasion, it can get difficult to be rather constantly reminded of how much in love those couples are and how much they show it buy buying stuff. I'm much more in a mood for bad horror and good booze, but then again, that is pretty much any time. Not so much with the booze, but you get the idea.

Barb is coming down to stay starting Thursday. A lot of finalization stuff, clearing up titles and packing up and moving on. The ending process. Gonna be some pain there, and I expect that I may not be entirely good company in that process. There will also be times in there that I need to get away.

Cleansing. Purging. Probably part of the cranky.

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