Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Stream Of Conciousness Meme de ElDogo

Smoker/ Non Smoker?
Non. Was for a while, back in college.

Do you own a gun?
Sure. In a manner of speaking.

Favorite Western?
Hmmm... not one of my favorite genres, but probably The Quick and the Dead. Sam Raimi.

Favourite Pasta?
Ravioli or tortellini. Or possibly Fellini with garlic sauce. :)

Favourite Pizza Toppings?
Spicy asian duck with Thai peanut sauce.

You're on the top of the world, looking down on creation. What do you see?
Creation. Is this a trick question?

If you were a carpenter, and thus, had a hammer, would you hammer in the morning, evening, or both?
Whatever would pay me the most.

Peter, Paul or Mary?
For what exactly?

Woodstock '69 or Woodstock '99?
Oh, '69 easy.

Favorite Snoopy Character?
Zombie snoopy.

Farourite Cartoon Strip?
No real favorites. Calvin and Hobbes is a perennial fave, but there are so many that I like for different reasons.

Been to a strip club recently?
Unfortunately, no. Better things to spend my money on, but I do miss naked chicks.

Favourite night club?
Don't have one.

The best cocktail in the world is?
Don't have one anymore. And it really depends on my mood.

Who shook a better drink, Bryan Brown or Tom Cruise?
The Brown man.

Favourite Nicole Kidman film?
Hmmm... either "The Others" (overall movie) or "Eyes Wide Shut" (Nicole Naked)

Redhead, blondes or brunettes?
All of the above. At once.

And who DOES have more fun?
Me, if the previous one is fulfilled.

Favorite Marylin Monroe film?
Ugh. Some like it Hot?

Favorite Marilyn Manson song?
Probably the latest one. Or the one on the Matrix soundtrack. I'm not a huge MM fan, but the tunes are okay.

Ever trashed a room?
Not on purpose.

Strangest place you've puked?

Worst culinary experience you've ever had?
Most recent: overcooked almonds. Overall: bad seafood.

Favorite TV Chef?
Either Emeril or the Naked guy.

Favorite food-related scene in a film?
Belushi. Animal House. "I'm a zit. Get it?"

You have one (1) Custard Pie™. Who do you throw it at?
John "Giant Spider" Peters.

Favorite silent film actor?
Buster Keaton.

How do you react when you see a mime?
I start copying their movements. It's like an infinite feedback loop.

You're a cartoon character, who's seen something scary... discribe your "wild take" reaction.
I'd let Tex Avery animate me.

Favorite Batman Arch-Nemesis?
Scarecrow, when done well.

Are you a joker, a smoker or a midnight toker?
Yes, no, maybe.

What did you think of the film "Space Cowboys"?
Refused to see it.

Favorite Clint Eastwood film?
Dirty Harry, or Every Which Way but Loose.

What, if anything, WOULD make your day?

  • Winning the lottery or otherwise becoming independently wealthy would be good.

  • Really good sex.

  • Having the pain go away.

  • Being picked up for wide-release distribution.


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