Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Got the ADR lounge wired last night. It actually went faster than I had planned since I made a whim-stop at AEI up in Golden Valley, and they actually had the perfect bit of cabling that I needed to make it all smooth. Downside was that the TV that was in the lounge is pretty lame and it wouldn't take the video input (or tune VHF channels anymore apparently), so I had to bring the big-ass JVC up the stairs to replace it. That's a 32-inch tube TV, and it weighs as much as a small car, but I managed to make it up the stairs and onto the shelf and get it hooked up in record time.
I even had enough time to start breaking off the chunks of scenes for ADR. I probably made it halfway through the movie.
Tonight is the rest of breaking off chunks, processing the audio, and burning a DVD for the ADR scenes. I'll be up late.

In other news: Barb is heading back down to KC for at least the long weekend rather than coming to the house. Apparently there were some complications to B's surgery, and he has an infection that is worrisome. Don't know when she'll be coming to the house.

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